Our dream

Ever dream of doing something so cool you can see it in your mind’s eye all of the time? Paul and Joy had that kind of dream. For more years than we can remember we have wanted to open a bookstore that would cater to radical and progressive minded individuals. Knowledge truly is power and we have always wanted to help to expand the “arsenal” of people within the community. We also envisioned developing a space that would serve as a place where people can come together to talk, plan and dream a better world for all people. Our goal is also to provide a safe space where people of color, women, men, youth, and member of the LGBTQ community can come together without fear. This vision is finally coming together in the form of Revolutionary Grounds Books and Coffee. We hope that activists, dreamers and those who are not afraid to speak truth to power will help to make our dream a reality.

Joy Soler

After a lifetime of service to the community in the non-profit sector Joy is launching a new life as owner/operator of Revolutionary Grounds.  Joy loves to cook and bake and is responsible for most of the goodies you will find in our shop, especially the signature chocolate chip toffee cookies and the vegan peanut butter pie. If there is something you would like to see at our store, or a community event you would like us to facilitate book sales for Joy is the person to go to.

Paul Gattone

Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Paul has been in Tucson since coming here in 1980 to attend the University of Arizona. After attending Law School at the University Of Arizona College Of Law, Paul worked for a small time in a criminal defense firm before founding and going to work at the non-profit Southern Arizona People’s Law Center. At the People’s Law Center Paul worked primarily in the area of tenants’ rights and housing rights. However, during this time he also continued to represent low-income people in criminal matters and began his career as a civil rights litigator. In 2003 Paul left the People’s Law Center and went into private practice so that he could expand his civil rights and criminal defense work. Was a founding partner in the firm of Payson & Gattone with Tony Payson in 2006 he continued to focus his civil rights work in the areas of police misconduct, employment discrimination and individual rights. Since 2006 Paul has also defended the rights of people accused of the criminally accused in state and federal court. At the end of September of 2011 Paul went back into solo practice, with a primary emphasis on civil rights cases. In his 24 years of practice Paul Gattone has devoted himself to aggressively protecting the rights of his clients and to advancing and defending civil rights.