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Cold Cup

Cold to-go cups: the double wall insulation helps keep your drink at the right temperature on the go. The re-usable straw is a definite plus. These cups are red with our logo printed in black on both sides.




6.25" H x 4" rim x 2 .5" Base


16 oz.

coffee cup one 12 oz ceramic coffee cup black with red star logo on front and back and red interior $6.00
Travel Mug Travel hot cup - insulated, double walled aluminum interior in Red with RG logo in black. $10.00
Layah and t shirts 105 The wonderful Revolutionary Grounds Red Star T-Shirt printed front and back in a full range of sizes $19.99
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water bottle in costa rica

With twist cap, a unique design, BPA Free and up to 26 oz. of liquid capacity, this stainless steel water bottle will help sustain you in marches for peace, training hikes in the mountains, critical mass rides through the cities or just in the daily grind as you try to stay hydrated without filling your world with plastic. The black bottle has our logo printed in red.


Stainless Steel


10.75" H x 2.75" W


26 ounce


Folks know us for our commitment to direct trade coffee, which we used to get from a Zapatista cooperative in Chiapas. That coffee is no longer available, so we have been carrying different fair trade organic coffees from throughout Latin America while seeking a new direct trade relationship, or to re-establish our trade with the Zapatista growers. We are proud to announce that we are now carrying Capulín Coffee from Nayarit, Mexico.

CAPULIN provides the sweetest, least bitter, most stimulating, socially appropriate, 100% 'Arabica Tipica' coffee available, anywhere, at any price. CAPULIN goes far beyond the minimum standards established by Fair Trade Coffee companies, providing more money per pound directly to local villagers than any other coffee company, in any other coffee producing nation. One of the ways is by doubling the price paid by the washed coffee processors to the farmers for their natural forest, shade grown coffee cherries.  CAPULIN costs more but cheap coffee like anything else hides a higher price in environmental degradation, destruction of communities, loss of land and habitat, and use of slave labor.


  • Continental  - a light roast maintaining the original fruity wine flavor of coffee.
  • Vienna - a medium roast providing ample fruity flavor, with a medium roasted flavor.
  • French - a dark roast almost completely covering the fruit flavor, but not quite, similar to the roasted taste that most coffee drinkers have become accustomed to, without the bitterness.  Most coffee companies must use a dark roast in order to mask,'hide' the lack of the natural, sweet fruit sugars and flavor oils that have been lost in their washed coffee products.)
  • Midday Magic - a roast as black as a raven, yet smooth as glass perfect for espresso or Turkish coffee, but still wonderfully smooth and without bitterness.
  • Mocha - our only flavored roast with organic cocoa oil, vanilla oil and coconut oil, basted on our light Continental roast  giving AN AWESOME Cocoa Flavor, but delicate. We enjoy it over ice with almond milk, decadently delicious.

All Capulín roasts are $17.00/ pound, excepts Mocha which is $18.00/ pound.


As requested we will continue to carry a few of our most popular fair trade organic roasts while transitioning to Capulín roasts.

  • Peru – medium light roast, simple balanced flavor with relatively low acidity.
  • Bolivia – medium dark roast with a clean taste, a delicate bright acidity and a slightly fruity aroma.
  • Mexico – from Chiapas, but not necessarily Zapatista coffee, medium roast with complex bright flavors.
All Fair Trade Roasts are $13/lb
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